There Goes the Jobs Bill

There Goes the Jobs Bill

Really, Republicans? Our infrastructure is crumbling—some say that we are approaching Lesser Developed Country status in regards to it, and that many poorer countries have better roads and bridges than we have right now—and unemployment is rampant. My county's rate is 11%. Nearly everyone I know is suffering. We need relief and jobs right now—and you’re going to kill the jobs bill, just like that?

Between you guys (let’s face it, most of you are privileged men who look down on us commoners who apparently can’t pull ourselves up by our bootstraps despite your constant romancing and pandering to corporations) and the banks charging from everything from not having enough money to not having $6,000 in your account, how the hell are we supposed to survive?

My husband has been laid off for seven months, and his unemployment benefits are exhausted and gone—for over a month now. I am working as hard as I can—three jobs, you could say, on top of my job as a mother. Yet I can’t go visit my mother, who lives 35 minutes away, because of the cost of gas. I’ve given up nearly every creature comfort, and am struggling to pay for the generic ones like water and electricity. We’ve had to cut some of our daughter’s activities and field trips. Sure, I miss going to movies and taking my family to the rec center, but I really miss sleeping well at night, not worrying about people coming to take our gas tanks or taxes or not getting sick.

My family and I used to eat out weekly; we ate out for the first time tonight in months and it cost us dearly. I had a fortunate but small check from a new client that came in—a month late, but at least it came—and I decided to treat my family somewhere new. It was wonderful; I smiled the whole time, even though that money should have gone to a bill, like the rest of my money does. I told the waitress how wonderful it was, and she said, “That means you’ll come back, right?” It was almost as if she was desperate for customers to return. And though I smiled and nodded, I didn’t say what I was thinking—that it would likely be months, if not next year, until we do return.

I say we kill your jobs, politicians. Obviously you are obsolete; we aren’t getting a damn thing from you. When our technology becomes obsolete, we dump the old and adopt the new—probably too often, for sure, but that’s how it works. And I think your jobs became obsolete when you decided that we don’t need them, either. I’m with the people at Occupy Wall Street, but I don’t think they’re going far enough. Is anarchy the answer? I wouldn’t say that, but I would say this: every person who killed this bill should have his or her job taken away from him or her right now. I say we fire them. Fire them all.