The State of the Union--The Facts Separated from the Fiction

The State of the Union--The Facts Separated from the Fiction

Don't Let Fox News Pull the Wool Over Your Eyes Tonight

Tonight, President Barack Obama gives his third State of the Union address to the nation. He will be going over some of the most important issues facing our nation right now (and almost certainly a little political talk regarding this year's presidential election, as well). Most media outlets will provide balanced and impartial comments and commentary on this address, but there are a few, Fox News being prominent among them, that will most likely spin whatever the president says to make it look bad....even if he gives irrefutable proof that things are good. That's the nature of the beast on conservative stations, sometimes.

No matter what Fox News or any other biased news outlet may say after the address, here are some real FACTS on the important issues our nation is facing right now, how the president has played a role in these issues, and what the outlook is for the future regarding these issues. Whether you're watching the address now or have already seen it, arm yourself with these facts and you'll know when any biased news outlet is trying to sway you to its side through distortion. This will make you a more informed voter when it comes time to go to the polls in November, which will benefit the country as a whole.

Fact #1--Since the last State of the Union address, there have been 1.9 million new jobs created in the private sector. Further, the president's overall job creation track record right now is larger than seven out of the eight years that Bush was president, so he's really on a roll with getting new jobs made and available to the public. So if anyone says the president isn't creating new jobs, that is simply not true.

Fact #2--2.5 million young adults were able to finally get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act, another Obama administration initiative. This same act has allowed 2.65 million senior citizens to save around $570 each on prescription drugs in the past year.

Fact #3--Last year, the United States military, under the leadership of President Obama, eliminated some of its worst enemies, making the world a safer place for everyone. These enemies included both Al Qaeda's operating chief (Atiyah Abd al-Rahman) and propagandist (Anwar al-Awlaki), as well as its leader....the one former president Bush failed to capture during his entire presidency....Osama bin Laden.

So you see, no matter what Fox News or any other conservative news outlet may tell you, the president of the United States, Barack Obama, has indeed accomplished some lofty and important goals during the past year, and his initiatives have made a big difference for the good of this country. He still has plenty of work for the good of the nation that he wants to do, and is trying to do with Congress's help. He will likely touch on work still to be done in his address, but he has a clear history as a president who makes a difference. This can only be expected to continue throughout the rest of his presidency, be it one or two terms. As an informed voter, you can help decide which direction the country will go in based on your knowledge of the facts of this presidency.