Mitt Romney and the Great American Disconnect

Mitt Romney and the Great American Disconnect

Why Mitt Romney Doesn't Understand the American People

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's recent gaffe where he stated he was not concerned about the poor people of America because they have access to social programs to help them is not just a misunderstanding between him and the press on his true meaning. It is a genuine statement of his beliefs, though he is now trying to say he did not mean it the way it sounded. However, this is just damage control on his part. For someone with Mitt Romney's huge degree of wealth (he is definitely one of the top members of the one percent), relating to the very poor of America on any kind of personal level is practically impossible. He just doesn't have any frame of reference for it, and his statement is just a reflection of this.

Now, this does not mean Mitt Romney hates the poor or has anything against them. That is very unlikely to be true. He simply does not understand them, their needs, wants, desires, or even prospects of getting wealthier. Having never known what it is like to be extremely poor, he literally comes from a different world than those on the financial fringe of society. Even the middle class will be very nearly beyond his understanding, if he understands them at all. He comes from a world of privilege, where money has never been an issue for him. This alone makes him a poor candidate for president of the United States.

No matter how good someone's intentions may be for this country when they run for president, those intentions are going to be difficult to turn into anything that will be truly helpful to the vast majority of the people in this country if a basic understanding of the needs of the 99% is not there. Mitt Romney does not have this understanding, so how can he be expected to create legislation to put before Congress that will be of real benefit to the people in the nation who need it most? He has more wealth than the last eight presidents, including Obama, put together. He understands the needs of rich people....very rich people. He may claim to have empathy with the poor and may study the conditions of the economic underclass to try to figure out what they need to give them more security, but that disconnect is going to remain because he has no frame of reference from which to relate to them.

Of course, there are issues with all of the Republican candidates for president that make them unsuitable to the job, but in Mitt Romney's case, the major disqualifying factor is his extreme wealth. While that is not a bad thing in itself, it does make it difficult for him to be a good president for the American public. A good president needs to understand the American people on a more personal level in order to craft good legislation that will benefit them and the country as a whole. America can not be run like a trust fund for rich men. It has to be run like a country full of people from all different walks of life and economic backgrounds, and the needs of each have to be taken into consideration and met as best as possible. When the president is so far removed from the mainstream of American society that he can not relate to those below his own economic status, and makes statements showing this to be true, then that candidate is not who we need as president of this country.

Fortunately, even though Mitt Romney is surging ahead of the other Republican presidential candidates in the primaries, he is still far behind Obama in the polls, so his chances of winning the presidency are remote even if he does get the Republican nomination (at least they are remote now, but things can change quickly in politics). Obama may not be perfect, but few presidents are even close to that impossible standard. At least he understands the majority of the American people and can relate to them in a way Romney never will. This makes Obama the best choice for the presidency that we have at the moment, and it is in the best interests of the country for him to continue in that roll. For now, it seems the American public agrees with this sentiment and sees Mitt Romney for who he is. He is simply a person who has good intentions, but lacks the ability to do any real good for the country because most of the people in it are people he can not understand.