Care about a cause?

Care about a cause?

Sign on to these action alerts today.

Here’s a quick roundup of some progressive causes you might be interested in this week. Feel free to visit each campaign that you care about and adding your signature to help create lasting change.

Protect wild horses: Tell the U.S. Forest Service to maintain wild horse habitat this year and avoid the horse removal and roundup that is being proposed. Ten percent of the horses’ habitat is at risk right now, so it’s vital that we speak up and protect what little land they have left to roam.

Save the Northwest orcas: The National Marine Fisheries may remove the Pacific Northwest’s killer whales’ protection soon if we don’t speak up for them. Click here to ask that this critically endangered group of whales—with a population below 100—be continually offered protection by the National Marine Fisheries and local laws.

Tell the House and Senate to provide relief for Hurricane Sandy victims! I can’t believe we are still having to ask for this months later. What a gross disregard for American citizens, Congress; you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I think we should all call every day until this relief is passed and sent! Click here to ask that the Sandy Relief Package be passed immediately.

Stop Arctic drilling: After yet another oil spill—just this past New Year’s Eve—have we not learned that drilling in the Arctic—or any of our fragile areas, for that matter—is not the answer we seek? We need a renewable energy strategy now; our children are going to hate us when they live in a world without power because their parents didn’t stand up to the oil companies and Congress, demanding sustainability for all, right now. Make them proud and secure their future by asking that we stop drilling now and start seeking solutions elsewhere.

Ask Weezer to renounce tobacco company ties. I still can’t believe this band—still popular with many teens and young people abroad, as well as with some folks of my own generation—allowed themselves to be marketed and sold with cigarettes. In Indonesia, their recent concert was sponsored by a tobacco company that actually passed out cigarettes during the concert itself! Weezer hasn’t said anything about this “special relationship,” and it’s about time they did. Ask them to stop wasting peoples’ days, and to speak up and out against tobacco use and to stop using cancer sticks to make sales.